How to transfer an attendee from the back end

1. Go to the "ATTENDEES" tab, find the relevant attendee and click their "View" button.



2. On the viewing screen, click the "Transfer ticket" button.


3. Enter the details of the person you are transferring the ticket to and click the "Transfer" button.



If you view the details of the ticket now, you will see the transfer information. The transfer status will show as 'Pending' until the transferee accepts the ticket.


Now the transferee will receive an invitation and can go through the transfer process from their end.


After they have started the transfer, the transferee will fill out their own registration details.


They will see they are being charged a transfer fee.


After the new attendee has completed their registration, you can see them in the attendees list. The "old" attendee (who transferred their ticket) is shown in blue.


If you view the details of the transferred attendee, you can see that the transfer status is now shown as 'Completed'.



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