Manage wave settings on the attendee registration form

Wave settings allow you to mange the amount of participants that can start at set times.

1. Go to your event and click on the 'EDIT' tab.




2. Click on the "EDIT FORM" tab.




3. In the "Add form options" box click on the "Custom Fields" tab.



4. Click on the 'plus' symbol or drag and drop the 'Wave' OR 'Wave (dropdown)' field onto the registration form. These fields both serve the same purpose but you have the option of presenting your information in button or dropdown format.




5. Click on the 'Edit' box of the option field.


6. Edit information here including the wave 'question', 'answer', and space limits for each option. As per all the option fields on the form, you can stipulate if this is required information. You can also elect to display how many spaces are left for each wave. For example:





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