Enable auto-generated race numbers

An explanation of auto-generated race numbers

The auto-generated race numbers tool allows you to keep track of different sections of your event participants.

The 'Prefix' and 'Suffix' fields are for set data and will not change.

The 'Start number from' field will generate individual race numbers for each participant, and they will automatically increase for each one.

For example, you may set your 'Prefix' as HM for Half Marathon, and start your numbers at 1000. That way, when you see a race bib on the day with the figures "HM1504", you know that participant is in the Half Marathon race.

The 'Suffix' serves the same purpose, so you have an option of placing set figures before or after the individual race number.


To enable auto-generated race numbers:


1. Go to your event and click on the 'EDIT' tab.



2. Click on the 'TICKETS' tab.



3. Click on the 'Edit' tool in the ticket bar.



4. Click on the 'More options' drop down button.





5. Insert data for race numbers and click 'Save'.





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